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Jan. 25th, 2012


Need a new place to hide

I shall have to learn to type with this on my lap.  It seems that even working at the kitchen table is not enough to stop Ol' HD from coming to find me.  Surrounded by paper, trying to write or track down one of my elusive ancestors, and BAM!  I'm in the middle of a lecture on how we are depleting the earth's magnetic fields to make hydro, which is giving off heat, which is causing all the solar flares, which is why the weather is so bad.  Help.

So I learn to type in my room.  Seems to be all that is left to me.  I mean, I can listen to the foolishness when I'm not doing anything, but must it always come when I'm right in the middle of something?  Do I have a big sign that says, look, I'm trying to concentrate, come and throw bull at me?

Sorry, I'm a bit grumpy.  Cade's been sick with pneumonia, so I've had to hear about how doctors don't know what they're talking about and how I'm a bad mother for letting him go back to school.  Of course, when he was home, I was a bad mother because I kept him home most of January.  And Tris is getting fat, although he's been losing weight, and Bree has no ambition.   I've been asked 700 times if Gwen has dropped out of college.  And what is wrong with all my kids anyway?  Do I know that Houston is driving his truck in all this bad weather?  It's not good for him to drive that truck in bad weather.  Hello?  It's how he makes his living?  He's been doing it for damn near 30 years now!

(Wow, it felt good to get that off my chest)

The worst is I just get into the groove of whatever I'm doing, and bang!  Either this foolishness starts up, or one of the kids needs something (still) or Houston wanders in looking for food.  Today, I'm ready to pack my bag and move into the storage shed.

Jan. 23rd, 2012


A frightening tale...

*holding flashlight under chin*

Gather 'round, everyone, while I tell you an absolutely terrifying story.  And every word is true. 

In my room on the second floor, there is a Wardrobe.  Yes, it deserves the capital letter.  It is big and ugly and cheaply made.  There are full length mirrors on the doors that distort your image so badly that any circus funhouse would kill to have them.  The bar for the hangers is too big for any standard hanger to hang on.  The floor is not only coming away from the walls, it's designed in such a way that you can't really stack anything in there.  The door latches don't work, because the door frames are so warped, and if you don't pile the laundry in front of it, they fly open and the Monster Cat gets in and hides.

It is a piece of work, no doubt about that.  I remember it from my in-laws house back in T.O.  It was big and ugly then and the years haven't improved it at all.  It takes up space that I could use for a desk or at least a reading chair.  So I decided to get rid of it.

It won't come back down the stairs!

The Wardrobe seems to know I want to get rid of it.  It doesn't take me to Narnia or anywhere else, just sits there mocking me.  Patty and I spent an entire afternoon manhandling this thing and we can't get it round the bend in the stairs.

It must have gone up there.  How in the seven hells did they manage it?  Patty and I are not little girls.  So it isn't that we can't lift it high enough or anything like that.  We tried every possible position we could think of.  (Stop giggling, Falco, it wasn't like that)  And then, if that wasn't frightening enough;

We had a Supervisor!

Yes, Ol' HD hisself, who was here when the Wardrobe went up, came to tell us how it was done.  Here's the problem, he doesn't remember how it was done.  He started feeding us some story about how they had to cut the newel post off and then reattach it.  Two small problems with this story:

There are no signs of the post ever being tampered with.
My late MIL maysherestinpeace would never have tolerated anyone cutting anything off of her new house.  Which this was at the time.

"Zoe, Zoe," I hear you say, "the answer is simple.  Cut the thing up and bring it down in pieces.  It's garbage anyway."

I wish I could.  Ol HD will not let me.  He is attached to it.  If it can't come down in one piece and go into his room, it stays where it is.  I'm thinking about waiting until he has a nap and then very quietly take it apart with a screwdriver.  (or a crowbar)

Jan. 6th, 2012


Has it really been a year?

Why, yes, yes it has!


I`m still alive, still living up here with the family, HD is still giving his OPINIONS, our Gwen has gone off to university...*sniff*

But I do have *drumroll* a LAPTOP all of my very own!  Guess what that means?  No more trying to schedule time on the family computer!  Bwhahahaha!  The interwebz shall be mine!

In self defence, I shall spork again, shall write again, shall figure out my family stump again!

How y'all been?

*evil grin*

Jan. 17th, 2011

sprite stash

They call it Thousand Pyramids for a reason

Have cut a million little triangles for my next quilt.  Now I have to sew them all back together.  Looking forward to it.  Keeps me busy and away from those darn Sims.  (I can hear them calling me, they want Big Boy Boromir to move in)

We had a great time at the quilt show.  Even made it to the fabric store.  They were having another sale, I have to stop going there.  I have more material around than you can believe. But I think this will be the year of the quilts.  I finished Cade's, I'm working on a secret one *winks  at 'Crow*, started Gwen's, Bree has found a great pattern she wants me to make, and Tris has outgrown his baby quilt.

I like doing them, it's good therapy.  It's something that stays done.  I'll post a picture of Cade's soon.

ETA:  Here's Cade's.  Bree got a patch in backwards, but it's okay.  We still love it.

Jan. 15th, 2011

run fast

Save me from the Sims!

Damn Sims!  I'm hooked again.  Been playing all week.  Having a ton of fun, but somehow Last Hope Legolas managed to drown when the pool caught on fire.  Crap.  Any Chance Aragorn just stood there and watched.  I'm starting to have suspicions about that.  Good thing I didn't save...

Supposed to go to the quilt show in town today with the girls, but it's snowing very hard.  So we'll see. 

Been washing walls when I haven't been playing Sims and ferrying kids around.  My life is so hard.  sigh.

Jul. 29th, 2010


Hey, is this my journal?

Whoops!  Guess I've been away for a while.  But I'm still here, haven't done anyone in yet, and I happen to be stuck on the night shift.  Damn vacations!  I don't get tired until 7 am, and then sleep until 4pm.  It really sucks, let me tell you.  Especially since I'm going on holidays on Saturday.  So today I'm going to try the old stay up all night and as late as you can the next day trick and see if that works.

Big things that have happened:

Our Gwen graduated high school!  Was the awesomest.  She's doing another year of extra courses, so I won't lose my baby so soon!

Houston got a dirt bike for the kids and proceeded to whack his eye on a branch.  He's okay, even though he scraped the eyeball a second time fishing.  Am getting ready to invest in Pirate Eye-Patch stock.

My niece and nephew have a crush on each other.  I swear, we came down from the mountains to get away from this sort of thing.  No, I kid, they aren't related to each other.  I just have some very complicated family relationships.

Ol' HD is still as opinionated as ever.  He's gearing up for the big 85 in a month or two.  But I'm still kicking his butt at cards.

Tristan shaved off his Mowhawk.  *sniff*  His hair was longer than Leggie's in the back.

My parents invested in a trailer/caravan and have parked it in my backyard.

My septic system needs to be replaced.  Ick!

I'm on my way to visit my folks for a week!  YAY!

'Crow still loves me.

Dec. 24th, 2009

coal drop

(no subject)

Wow, it's the Night  Before the Day of the Night Before Christmas.  I can't belive it's here already.  I have all my shopping done, well, okay, most of it.  Tomorrow is baking day.  Bree has taken over the holiday, wrapping, directing, having me drive her all over hell's half acre.  I can't wait for that one to start driving, let me tell ya! 

We've had Tristan's band concert.  I didn't realize how much he'd grown until he got into his band uniform.  Looked like L'il Abner.  Inch and a half of sock showing between his shoe and cuff.  But the band really rocked.  They managed to find a few flute players, so he wasn't stuck playing the flute part on his xylophone.

I've got a turkey in the fridge, hoping to make Christmas dinner without giving anyone salmonella.  Managed to melt a plastic spatula in half last night.  Guess when the smoke detectors went off?  After it was all over, of course.

I was working on a piece for you all to celebrate the holiday spirit, a sort of parody of slash LOTR based on The Night Before Christmas, but I haven't been able to finish it.  Here's a little taste:

Ho Ho HoCollapse )
Anyway, all the best to everyone, in however you deal with this time of year.  Me, I like vodka.  Salut!

This is Falcon's Fault

I don't understand why I'm always some kind of bird on these things...

Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...


It"s a Bird, No, It"s Just Zoe...Collapse )


Dec. 8th, 2009


Breakfast Conversation

There's a comedian on Just For Laughs we've seen a few times. He does a bit about driving with his parents, who sing along with the radio while driving, and always get the words wrong. We are always singing parts of it. This mornings offering...

Bree and Tris, having breakfast:

Bree: (singing) Picture yourself on a boat on a river with something something and tangerine skies.
Tris: What skies?
Zoe: (making bologna sandwiches) Tangerine skies.
Tris: (shakes head)
Bree: Something something, the girl with colitus goes by!
Zoe: (singing) Lucy's in a fight with Linus!
Bree: (to Tris) That song's about LCD.
Zoe: (appalled) LSD!
Tris: LCD?

Also, a quick note to the local oldies radio station. Look, Led Zepplin sang more than one song. I'm getting awfully tired of hearing Black Dog every time I turn it on! The kids are starting to believe that I'm psychic!

Dec. 7th, 2009

sprite stash

Planning to have ham at Christmas...

Still crocheting like mad. Have two sweaters to finish. Also have some shopping to finish. And laundry to fold. And crazy turkeys to hide from. Thanks, 'Crow!

But since Houston isn't home from work yet, Ol' HD is napping and the kids are all in bed, I think I'm going to play online for a bit. I have to finish another chapter of my Borolas story, and might as well get it done now.

Tristan: Mom! Where's your guitar?
Zoe: In the wardrobe.
Tristan: Can I make a detour to Narnia?
Zoe: No, you have school tomorrow.

What has happened to me? I don't even blink when I say things like that anymore...

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